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By 24Owls Editorial Team on April 16, 2018 

At the herald of 2018, Michelin Guide lists down six food trends in Singapore to look out for this year. Some notable mentions in their list include authentic ethnic flavours, non-alcoholic drinks and more mindful food choices. As we reach towards the mid of 2018 (yes, almost a-third of the year has passed us by!), this trend has continued to surface and emerge – all for the better. There are more good food and beverages to seek out in our must-try list. Below we look at some of the latest food fads:

McDonald’s New Red Rice Porridge

With the declaration of War on Diabetes in 2016, there have been various groundwork initiatives to inculcate better eating habits and lifestyle among Singaporeans. For example, Fairprice supermarket had jumped in to the brown rice campaign last October by making brown rice affordable and selling them at the same rate as white rice. Fastfood chains are also not missing out on providing customers with healthier food options and the latest offer in place is McDonald’s Red Rice Porridge. Comprising of wholegrain red rice that is rich in fibre and Vitamin B, you can also look forward to some delightful additions of succulent shiitake mushroom, soft beancurd and sweet potato. Chewy and rich in texure, it doesn’t hurt that the red-coloured rice is visually appealing too. This light yet tasty porridge is definitely a good way to start your day!

 Image Credit: Her World


Meanwhile, a food chain you should look out for this April would be Opporto, a new fast-casual chain all the way from Australia. If you are a meat lover and have a knack for flame grilled chicken, Opporto is definitely a must try on your list. For those who have been to Australia and tried out the Opporto’s chicken there, you would be familiar with the succulent and flavourful meat, marinated by some good Portuguese spicy sauce before being grilled to perfection.  Opporto also does not miss out on the latest shift towards healthy eating as well, and has strived towards offering healthier varieties for customers. For example, offering chicken wrap options as an alternative and serving grilled corns as sides. This is definitely a welcome to chicken lovers who want some healthy options without compromising on their meat-treats. If you are out to try another Portuguese-styled chicken, you should definitely head to the inaugural Opporto chain at Holland Village.

 Image Credit: QSR

Green Tea Cheesecake Cream Frappuccinos

After some good jolly meal and a walk out under the sun in the hot weather, why not try the latest Green Tea Cheesecake Cream Frappuccinos from Starbucks? For bubble tea lovers and beverage-enthusiasts out there, you would certainly not have missed out on the  cheesetea fad that hit our shores last year. The cheesetea beverage made an impressive debut in March 2017, through the famous bubble tea store LiHo as well as other bubble-tea joints like Hee Tea and Oh Cha Cha. If you are a cheesetea lover, why not try another variety of cheese concoction in your drink? With this new edition in Starbucks, you can look forward to a soothing Japanese ice-blended green tea matcha, accompanied by creamy whipped cream cheesecake and sprinkles of crunchy cookie crumbles. The unique blend of soothing green tea and rich cheesecake flavour is definitely a must-try for its heavenly taste and novelty.

Green Tea Cheesecake Cream Frappuccinos/ Image Credit: Starbucks

Local Flavoured Snacks – Kettle Gourmet & F.EAST

Breakfast checked, lunch checked and a satisfying beverage checked. What’s next but some jolly good snacks to complement your day. In line with Michelin’s guide, the return towards authentic ethnic flavours makes their mark this year – including in popular everyday snacks like chips and popcorns! One local-infused flavoured snacks you should look out for is by homegrown brand, Kettle Gourmet. Aside from the usual salted caramel and cookies and cream flavour, Kettle Gourmet also offers the unique Teh Tarik and Bak Kwa flavoured popcorns. You can expect to taste hues of teh tarik or bak kwa flavour as you chew on this crispy yet cameralised popcorns. To top it off, these popcorns are also trans-fat free and is freshly baked using canola oil and non-GMO corn. A guilt-free treat indeed.

Bak Kwa popcorn / Image Credit: The Kettle Gourmet

Another snacks with local-infused flavours is F.EAST (or Flavours of the East). Their two local edition-flavoured potato chips worth a try is Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa. While you can detect a tinge of ginger and chicken seasoning in the chicken rice flavoured chips, you can expect to enjoy the unique blend of coconut taste and slight dried shrimp hues for the Laksa-flavoured ones. Interesting and unique indeed. The above snacks is definitely a must-try for lovers of local food and snacks, who are on the lookout for something new.

Bak Image Credit: F.EAST

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