Five Hot Pot in Singapore for a Different Experience

Five Hot Pot in Singapore for a Different Experience

Hot pot, otherwise known as steamboat, is a meal comprising of a big bowl of broth and flavoured soup, topped with various ingredients from seafood, meat to vegetable. Hot pot is often accompanied by a sauce where you dip the ingredients in to add an overall ‘oomph’ and flavour to the dish. Often eaten together with loved ones and families through the camaraderie act of grilling the meat and boiling the ingredients together, hot pot is the perfect dish for some good ole bonding time. If you want to enjoy the experience of hot pot in a restaurant, below we share with you five of the best hot pot restaurants in Singapore.

Beauty in The Pot

Unique scorepoint: Beauty Collagen Broth with shark’s cartilage
Beauty in The Pot was one of the oft-cited best hotpot restaurants in Singapore. Available at both The Centrepoint and One KM, Beauty in The Pot stands out with its signature Beauty Collagen Broth that is meticulously boiled for more than eight hours a day with shark’s cartilage. As you scoop the soup out of the pot, you will notice a thicker broth which upon taste is extremely rich and smooth. If your palate requires a slightly more piquant taste, you can opt for the spicy pork broth instead which is equally flavourful and boiled to perfection. Rounding up the dish is the complimentary yuzu sortbet shots that is sure to provide you an overall satisfying meal.

Visit Paradise Group for more information on location, operating hours and dining.

Captain K

Unique scorepoint: Korean and Local-Infused Style
Originally known as the first restaurant to offer Korean Seafood Tower in Singapore, Captain K has also started offering Korean and local style hotpot for customers. When you visit Captain K at Middle Road, you will be delighted to find out that there is a total of six soup-bases variations for you to choose from; with the three original soup bases of Kombu Dashi, Korean Kimchi and Ginseng chicken; and the three additions of Szechuan Mala, Tomato and TomYum Mushroom soups. Additionally, you can also select between a single soup base or a double-soup option in the ying-yang pot for variety. With many varieties you can toggle for a wholesome hotpot experience, Captain K is a must try.

Captain K for more information on location, operating hours and dining.


Unique scorepoint: Five types of collagen soup broths
With several outlets across Singapore (Ang Mo Kio Hub, Bugis Jnction, Hillion Mall, Jurong Point, NEX, Punggol Waterway Point and United Square), Danro is a favourite spot for a good hotpot. One must take note that there are slight variations in what each outlet has to offer, including its pricing. However, you can be assured that one thing remains – Its servings of good hotpots and ingredients. There are five types of collagen soup broths you can look forward to – Chicken Collagen, Chicken Collagen Spicy, Herbal Collagen, Pork Garlic Collagen and Pork Garlic Spicy. There are also various servings of meat that you can enjoy such as US Beef, Pork and Chicken that you can grill at your very own table and have it together with hot soup broths. A perfect experience.

photo credit: Yahoo Lifestyle, Misstamchiak & Timeout

Visit Ministry of Food for more information on location, operating hours and dining options of the various outlets.

Guo Fu Steamboat

Unique scorepoint: Individual Hotpot Concept
Another unique restaurant to visit is Guo Fu Steamboat in Chinatown. Its menu is specially curated in consultation with a Chinese medicine practitioner – providing both delicious and healthy food. Another interesting element of this restaurant would be the fact that each diner has their own little hotpot, providing an exclusive experience for all. In consequence, the food and ingredients are arranged impeccably – a visual treat for everyone. In fact, Guo Fu steamboat was the first to introduce the individual hotpot concept in Singapore in 2005, without compromising on bonding time with friends and families. To top it off, you have the luxury of enjoying free flow Xiao Long Bao which is a treat alongside the ten varieties of soup bases offered in the restaurant.

Visit Guo Fu for more information on location, operating hours and dining options.

Upin Three Soup Hot Pot

Unique scorepoint: Upin Three Soup Hot Pot
Upin Three Soup Hot Spot is another restaurant you should visit for its good broth and a heartwarming meal. What you can look forward to as you indulge in Upin Three Soup Hot Spot is its variety of soup bases such as herbal, seafood, chicken, pork bone and mushroom. This restaurant also offers the unique Upin Three Soup Hot Pot that features three delicacy soup, spicy soup and tomato in the middle. Another element you can look forward to is the Meat Balls Combo which varied meat balls to suit your palate. Located at Eu Tong Sen Street with a closing time of 3am, Upin Three Soup Hot Pot is perfect go-to for your late supper.

Visit Hot Pot UPin Facebook page for more information on location, operating hours and dining options.



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