Live on the Airwaves at the Radio Café in Kuala Lumpur

Live on the Airwaves at the Radio Café in Kuala Lumpur
Ever wonder what it’s like to be a radio host? See for yourself at this fresh new café in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur – Radio Café.

Radio Café
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Freshly opened
The café/pub offers a wide variety of exquisite food and drinks on their menu. That is to be expected because it is wholly owned by the The Emperor F&B Sdn Bhd. All of these were heavily featured on their opening last April 29 in an opening day buffet and from the looks of it, everyone loved it. The interior design is focused on providing a comfortable dining experience. The dominance of blue in the dining hall lends to the relaxed vibe that’s important in making diners comfortable enough to make the most of the unique experience that the restaurant has to offer.

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Different experience
The main attraction of the restaurant though is not the food but the experience. The DJ’s booth in the middle of the dining area adds a nice touch to the entire vibe. But don’t think, for a second that it’s just for decoration. It’s a fully functional radio booth where radio DJs give a live program at 8pm. It’s a different experience to be able to dine and watch the DJ’s in action. Request songs that you like and hear play on every radio in Malaysia. This ensemble just adds character to the café. The quirkiness of the DJs complement the ambiance. There’s even an attractive portrait of Queen Elizabeth on one of the walls that can only be described as eccentric.

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We’re on air
They open their doors for hungry patrons at 12 noon and closes up at 2 am so late night gatherings are not a problem. Whether it’s hot coffee, tea, or a nice cold pint of beer, it will not disappoint night owls. For those of you who usually crave midnight snacks, the incredible selection of food is also a great even at night.

With less than a month in operation, the café has already become popular with the locals who keep coming back for more live entertainment and extra yummy food. Don’t worry if you’re not much of an evening person though. The booth is open even at lunch time. The waiters and staff are friendly so don’t hesitate to bust through those doors at 12 noon.

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